Our Capabilities

RXP comprises of 5 key practices, which group our capabilities in a way that optimises engagement with clients. Our practices are underpinned by a suite of shared methodologies which allow them to integrate and support optimal delivery for our clients.

We use design thinking to  determine the optimal customer experience based on the behaviors and needs of consumers.

RXP Collective Consultants understand how design thinking can lead your organisation to become more innovative and thrive. We meld strategy and innovation with a unique Lean Agile approach to User and Service Design to ensure that your digital transformation delights your customers.

Digital & Design Strategy
Service Design
User Experience Design
Mobile & Web Development
Digital Transformation

We advise and support clients through significant transformation.

RXP Engage can provide change management services ranging from small project related change to whole of enterprise change. We have experience managing complex change regimes in large corporate environments across private and government sectors and in a wide range of industries and market segments. RXP Engage also has a strong Governance, Risk and Compliance history. We provide GRC services to major financial institutions, government departments and large businesses. We can provide independent oversight of projects and change programs, post implementation reviews, risk analysis and mitigation services as well as a variety of health checks, compliance testing, and penetration testing.

Project Management Services
Agile Project and Portfolio Management
Business Analysis
Learning and Education
Solution and Enterprise Architecture
Strategic Alignment
Strategic Sourcing
Cloud Readiness Assessment
Infrastructure Consulting

We believe that data is the foundation of the connected age. We uncover patterns to unlock value.

RXP Insight solutions enable our clients to:

  • Manage and trust their data: Establish business ownership, knowledge and trust in data assets.  Ensure legal, regulatory and corporate compliance. Ownership and governance to drive the business face of data.
  • Establish governance and business ownership to leverage data as an enterprise asset. Ensure legal, regulatory and corporate compliance obligations are met through quality data and governance
  • Strategically use their information: Establish a data and information strategy to support your business objectives, and execute on a roadmap of actionable value.
  • Deliver better products and services: Deliver a better client/customer experience, enhance product, client and operations management, build and optimise integration processes, develop stronger business insights and increase end user adoption.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce cost: Improve the quality and lower costs of integrating data across business systems, delivering better reporting and analytics.
  • Make better operational and strategic decisions: Improve the quality, availability and capability of business reporting and analytics, allowing for better decisions, faster.
  • Improve operational and strategic decisions: Improve the quality and timeliness of decisions by making evidence-based decisions, providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time
  • Enable Agility:Solutions that provide business and systems agility to rapidly deliver ROI.
  • Cloud Hosting and Managed Service:Leverage the ability to rapidly scale or flex your solution via RXP’s cloud experience.
Strategy, architecture & solution design
 BI and IM governance & strategy
 Integration Governance & Architecture
ESB Implementation
B2B/ B2C Message Bus
API Design & Development
Continuous Integration, Testing & Service Virtualisation
Master Data Management
Data Warehousing & Data Lakes
Business Intelligence & Dashboards
Analytics & Data Science
Data migration & Management

We develop software solutions for enterprise clients.

RXP Develop delivers enterprise software applications for cloud and on-premise environments across a range of leading platforms and technologies. We implement leading digital delivery platforms such as Sitecore to drive customer experiences, and coupled with leading CRM platforms from Salesforce and Dynamics CRM, are able to fully leverage end-to-end digital ecosystems to build lasting customer intimacy and engagement. With a deep business, functional and technical team, we are able to assist clients architecting and delivering scalable and integrated platforms.

Applications Development
Digital Platforms and CMS
Customer Relationship Management
Web and Micro Services Development
Forms and Digital Data Capture
Cloud Solutions Architecture

We know how to optimise your business and IT operations – transforming what’s there and creating what can be.

Accelerating business growth, increasing customer intimacy, and bringing new products, services and business models to market in a sustainable and scalable manner requires operational excellence, organisational agility and superior service delivery managment. RXP partners with leading technology providers such as ServiceNow and IBM to build solutions to address these challenges. RXP is the ServiceNow implementation partner of choice for enterprise service management solutions grounded in process. Excellence in service management across IT and business services depends on expert technology enablement together with skilled shared service process optimisation. RXP delivers this capability and adds unique skills in mobile, field service management and customer contact centre leveraging the technology platforms to achieve targeted enterprise wide, service delivery transformation.

RXP is the BPM implementation partner of choice for business process transformation. We are experts in implementing end to end business process automation, optimisation and performance using enabling technologies such as IBM, Redhat, Appian and Activiti. We collaborate with our clients to embed a continual process improvement capability with deep insight into data driven processes for control and visibility.

Service Optimisation
Shared Services Enablement
Mobile Across the Enterprise
Cloud Contact Service Centre
Field Service Management
Process Automation

RXP Optimise Case Studies

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